This week Jermaine Babbles about the Democratic Debate. Jermaine Babbles Living Single being the original Friends. Then Babbles about UFC Boston and his hope that Conor McGregor will fight at UFC 245.

This week Jermaine Babbles about Pie. Jermaine Babbles about performing at various venues and Babbles about Live at The Purple Onion.

This week Jermaine Event Babble about the movie American Psycho, and compares it to the movie Joker. Jermaine Babbles about the two times he almost enlisted, Then Babbles about the Botham Jean murder trial, Then Babbles about the GOAT Israel Adesanya and his Star making performance at UFC 243.

This week Jermaine Event Babbles about drunk stories from the past. Jermaine also Babbles About UFC Copenhagen and Hypes up UFC 243 and Babbles about Errol Spence Jr. Vs. Shawn Porter. 

In Episode 5, Jermaine Babbles about his state struck friend from work and Babbles about hate watching the First 48. Jermaine Babbles about growing up in the hood, and rounds it out with some sports Babble.

Jermaine Babbles about when he knew he wanted to marry his wife, talks about the troubling times with their first vacation as a couple to Alaska. Jermaine apologizes to an old Madison roommate and finishes up with some sports babbles.

Episode 3 Jermaine Event Babble about the time his wife and him went to a WWE house show. Jermaine Babbles on about UFC 242, In pure amazement of the monster that is Khabib. Jermaine Also Babbles about Asap Rocky's Swedish Lawyer being gunned down, Mac Miller's Death Anniversary and the blessing Antonio Brown has brought his fantasy football team.

Second Week of Babbles.

Recapping My last couple weeks, Introducing the Podcast. Random Forum Conversation with myself.